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Whether you’re in need of a-la-cart services or the whole show, Take 1 Productions can provide what you need.

Not sure where to start or exactly what you need? We can help with that too! Let’s chat about your ideas and needs to get you flying in the right direction.


What we do

We combine just the right words with the perfect visuals, text, graphics, voice and music to tell your story or relay your message in a way that keeps your target audience interested, educated and informed.


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Education can sound (yawn…) boring.  But it shouldn’t be.  Our creative approach will keep your viewers so interested, they won’t even know they’re learning something.


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The message to your internal audience is just as important as the message to your external one. Deliver it consistently to everyone through video or streaming webcast. Recording events and conferences allows you to retain critical information for future training or promotions.


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This is known as the “how to” of videos.   A well organized instructional video uses the KISS method “Keep it Short & Simple.”  We will create a video the perfect length and at the right educational level so your learners will be able to relate and retain the information you are providing.


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Do you have something to promote or sell?  Maybe you have a service to offer.  The purpose of marketing it to get your target audience to perform an action or do something.  If that’s your goal, then a marketing video is the perfect tool for you.



Are your programs ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant?  Our certified specialists provide remote and on-site Real-Time Captioning, post-production Open/Close captioning and Described Audio.

Multi-lanuage translations, subtitling and voice-over services available upon request.

How we do it

Customer service is our first priority. We work with you and your team to plan, create and produce the perfect video unique to your needs.




We begin each project by meeting with you to understand your needs, objectives and target audience. During this phase we will outline the plan, create a rough schedule, design the creative concept, research and write the script, scout and check shooting locations, and schedule shoot dates and crew. This critical phase gets everyone on the same page and ensures the project goes smoothly.


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During phase II we capture and gather everything needed to edit.  We use HD and 4K cameras, drones, cranes, dollys, lighting, audio and other equipment to get the shots we need. A narrator is selected and voice-over recorded from the approved script. We collect and gather materials like photos, logos, branding elements, schematics and/or drawings that will be used during post production. Throughout the entire process we work closely with you to ensure the video reflects your vision.



The final phase is where your vision truly begins to take shape. We select shots, edit the footage and photos, create graphics, add voice and music as needed. During review we will discuss timing, pace and complexity of the visuals to make sure they will meet the needs of your target audience.