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Take 1 productions
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A well planned PRODUCTION…

The foundation for every project is good research and writing. Our award winning staff is second to none writing scripts with your target audience in mind. Let our artists paint your words into a picture.

Whether your product requires film or video, Take 1 Productions provides top quality equipment and experienced crews…everything needed to put your ideas in motion.

Editing/Special Effects
Take 1 Productions provides broadcast quality, non-linear editing in-house. Our master editors focus on creating visual presentations that communicate your message through a balance of real-time effects, vivid imagery and audio sweetening.

Always on the edge, our graphic artists create images for print, web and video. Creativity and continuity is a must. Whether your audience is corporate, government, students or someone else, our staff has the ability to add that special flare that ties everything together.

Take 1 Productions has a certified Media 100 non-linear editing instructor on staff. She studied at the National Institute for the Studies of Digital Technology at Bowling Green University, Ohio and provides one-on-one training in-house or at your facilities.

Is it just advice you need? We provide that too.

We believe that every good working relationship starts with communication. And with communication comes trust. We want you to be satisfied with the products you receive and we know you have a choice of who provides them.

Do you have an idea, but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you just want a second opinion. Sometimes all this technology can be a little difficult to figure out. Let us help you find the answer that’s right for you.

produces quality PRODUCTS

There are several reasons to choose video…to provide a consistent message to people in multiple locations, to motivate and inspire, or to demonstrate a product. It’s a cost-effective method of getting your information out in a timely fashion.

DVD has become a great way to combine video and information into one package. It shows your clients you’re on the leading edge of technology. Ask us how to author your product to DVD.

Do you’re clients have Internet access? Probably. Will they find you there? If not, maybe they should. As a premier solution provider, we focus on digital design and multimedia communications to get your message out. Let your presence be known.

According to the National Center for Health over 20 million people are hearing impaired. Are your programs ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant? We can help, both analoque and digital formats available.

Need something more effective than a clipart slide show to get your point across? Join the club. Let us help you design a presentation that will make a statement to your audience and get you noticed.

We believe that communication is a vital link to the success of any business. We also believe the visual message your company is sending, to your customers and potential customers, has a substantial impact on your success.

Does your present strategy and "look" communicate that message effectively? Does it reflect your quality standards and expertise, or is it just decoration?

We are committed to working closely with you to express your corporate message effectively to help you promote your business.